From here, the initial concept goes forward to the decision-making team, who will decide if the project is worthwhile and can be continued. The SMART acronym stands for: The CLEAR acronym, which has become popular in the last few years and adds another dimension to the second stage, stands for: The third stage, once the project’s scope has been agreed, is where the actual physical work of the project starts. This phase includes the initial work necessary to create and authorize the project. Tasks are assigned, resources are distributed and other information related to the project is imparted. Managing stage boundaries Includes end of stage activities and planning for the next stage. 5. At the end of each stage, teams can record lessons learned and evaluate whether the project is on track. Summary: Nick Graham is the director of a professional PM training and coaching company. This update reinforces PRINCE2’s unrivalled reputation for best practice in project management. 100% Pass-Guaranteed or 100% Money Back! Without PRINCE2 Exam. The PRINCE2 methodology has several defined stages that you should include in your project. Make quite sure that products are to the specified quality. Most project managers at this stage establish a way of monitoring a project’s progress and communicating with team members regularly, such as project management software that helps a project run smoothly. Once again with all of … This allows the project manager to monitor, measure and manage progress, and to iron out any issues that may arise. Our Sample PRINCE2 Foundation Practice Exam will give you more insight about both the type and the difficulty level of the questions on the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Phase 5: Integration and Test. There are two methods of planning and setting goals for projects that are popular with project managers – SMART and CLEAR. Phase-wise Approach. Please note that ILX Group owns the url In such times having professional certification such as PRINCE2 ® definitely comes in handy and will give you an edge over the non-certification holders. of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used The key input to this process is a Project Mandate that defines in business terms the reason for the project and the expected outcome. The Project Initiation Documentation is a PRINCE2 term representing the plan of approach in project management. The Project Manager has day-to-day responsibility for the project on a stage-by-stage basis, and reports to the Project Board. Quick 90 second overview of PRINCE2 - a popular project management methodology. 4. Knowledge and planning for the five project management steps will help you plan and organize your projects so that it goes off without any hitches. The PRINCE2 Process Model (below) shows the seven processes. The Risk Register which is setup and will be used to maintain the status of all risks on the project. A PRINCE2 project is planned, monitored and controlled on a stage by stage basis. These 5 stages create what is known as a project life cycle. All rights reserved. At this point, the client will, hopefully, approve and accept the project. Known as the project management lifecycle, each stage builds the roadmap for the project. Usually, some research is required and this can involve consultation with colleagues and shareholders. 3.4.3 Recall the steps in: the recommended approach to planning, including; the recommended approach to defining and analyzing the products; and explain: the factors to consider when structuring the project into management stages; 3.5.1 Explain the purpose of: Teams meet to learn the project’s timelines and their responsibilities. The Project Board manages and monitors via reports and controls through a number of decision points. Ad hoc direction (monitoring progress, providing advice and guidance, reacting to exce… Phase 1: Project Initiation. Each team member has specific roles, which carry through all 7 of PRINCE2’s stages: Startup, Direction, Initiation, Control, Boundary Management, Planning, Delivery and Closing. In today’s market, landing onto a quality job is quite a challenging task, especially if you are at the intermediate level of your career. This stage runs the entire length of the project and is a crucial part of a project’s success. Other aspects to consider at this stage are the cost and project timeline, as well as the impact of the end result. PRINCE2 Axelos Certification. The main benefit of PRINCE2 management stages is that they Provide a review and decision points for the project board, but as you can see from above, at the end of the first management stage, it may be difficult to review any of the PRINCE2 technical stages that traverse the stage boundary since it would only be partially … In this article, we’ll define the project management process and cover each phase of project management. This first process in PRINCE2® is a pre-project process. Break your projects up into stages and manage them in turn. reserved. In the PRINCE2 methodology, each project is divided into distinct phases and at the completion of every phase, phase outcomes and lessons learned are noted.