In 2008, Taco Bell tried to up the ante with its nacho game with the Fully Loaded Nachos. Why did Taco bell discontinued their Nacho fries ? Nothing curbs a craving quite like your favorite $5 box from Taco Bell, complete with a hot batch of nacho fries. u/nitesh_m_30. Close. share. If you’re not the type to branch out during the lunch rush, you may want to consider changing your order. Sound the alarm, people. Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, which appeared earlier this year to much fanfare owing to their $1 price tag and delightful pairing with liquid cheese, are set to disappear from the chain's menu next week. They come and go like ships in the night, are gone for months at a … Grilled Stuft Burritos hit the Taco Bell menu in 2001, came with a variety of fillings over the years, at one point became XXL Grilled Stuft Burritos, and were discontinued in 2019. Archived. ... along with these 19 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss the Most. Posted by. 32 comments. 1 year ago. 5. UPDATE: January 17, 2019 at 10:20 a.m. Taco Bell loooves to play with our emotions when it comes to Nacho Fries. Nacho Fries Will Be Leaving Taco Bell Again Soon In this world, all things must pass. At least when it comes to its Nacho Fries. They're here, then they're gone. Volcano Burrito The Volcano Burrito, billed as "the spiciest burrito ever", was introduced in the summer of 1995 as a tie-in with the movie Congo . “what do Taco Bell’s nacho fries AND my hopes of someone I’m extremely attracted to realizing I exist have in common?” another fan wrote. Only just introduced in January 2018, Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries with their zesty seasoning and cup of warm nacho cheese goo for dipping were taken away all too quickly—but, in a move very much modeled on the McRib, they returned this past January. Speaking of nacho fries, We Tried Taco Bell's New Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries—Here's Our Honest Review. That's the cycle that we've seen play out over and over. Nacho Fries-- the crispy, seasoned fries served with cheese dipping sauce from the maniacs at Taco Bell-- are officially coming back.Again. Devoted fans of the Bell know how often the menu changes, so it’s best not to get too attached to one item. Or, uh, ring your Taco Bell bell! Taco Bell giveth and Taco Bell taketh away. Why did Taco bell discontinued their Nacho fries ? The based was a crispy tortilla chip bowl and came equipped with just about everything but the kitchen sink — seriously it had double sized servings of beef, beans, … Then they were gone again, then came back in June—and (shocker) were whisked away once more.