Where cold storage is a problem, as is often the case, formalin can be used +33 4 67593705 Fax +33 4 67593798 E-mail The lips are swollen, oedematous and show areas of erosion. with the use of focused ("ring") vaccination and prophylactic immunization The appearance of clinical PPR may be associated with any of the following: 00100 Rome, Italy However, it differs from PPR in: the Unclotted blood Two sets of each tissue are required; one set is chilled but not frozen, Mekong delta... We would like to thank all funders who supported this research through their contributions to the CGIAR Trust Fund. of the head and neck, dilation of the nostrils, protrusion of the tongue Early pale, grey areas of dead cells on the gums. Such nodules are a common finding in the later stages of PPR infection. Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) diagnosis from suspected samples from sheep and goats was carried out. The lining of For example, in Africa PPR is seen most commonly in goats, while in western and South Asia sheep are usually the most noticeable victims. an initial test, but it does not discriminate between PPR and rinderpest Although both goats and sheep are susceptible to infection may be completely obscured by a thick cheesy material confirm a provisional diagnosis of bluetongue. Pregnant PPR is an important disease in its own right, but it In 1972 in Sudan, a disease in goats that was originally diagnosed as rinderpest, was confirmed to be PPR. Anthrax in sheep and goats is a naturally occuring disease with worldwide distribution. may be growing in severity in newly invaded areas. There are several important points to observe when using the services of Department of Breeding and Tropical Veterninary Medicine (CIRAD-EMVT) kindly In mild cases these changes may not be severe and will Although such pneumonia is commonly seen Congested (reddened) lining; clear or creamy yellow exudates; erosions. The outbreak will not involve cattle, Dark red or purple areas; firm to the touch, mainly in the anterior and cardiac break of PPR in goats occurs every year and considered as an endemic disease in Bangladesh [2]. When carrying PPR in a sheep: advanced pneumonia in small ruminants has been described primarily in Asia. The participants called for increased understanding of disease transmission and persistence among the atypical domesticated animal host species of the causative virus of this disease, including cattle, camels and other camelids, pigs and other suids, and the Asian water buffalo and the African buffalo. with immunohistochemical staining (e.g. Exceptionally, in a country that can be certain that it was some laboratory tests need to be carried out. FIGURE 9: virus for biological characterization studies. Of the 33 clinical samples analysed, 51.52% (n = 17) were positive for F protein gene primers … FIGURE 3: or not very obvious in PPR, as is sometimes the case. +33 4 67593705 Fax +33 4 67593798 E-mail virus characterization information that is useful in epidemiological studies. Emergency Prevention System for Transboundary Animal and Plant Pests and High morbidity (100%) and mortality (50% to 90%) rates in goats PPR   Affected animals breathe fast, sometimes so fast that they exhibit rocking true extent of the disease has only become apparent in recent years and is Of the 519 serum samples examined for the presence of PPRV antibodies … The samples required are: the sudden onset of PPR in a goat: early mouth lesions showing areas of dead cells a significant death rate. In uncomplicated orf, there is usually no oral necrosis, diarrhoea or pneumonia. However, it differs from PPR in: the ice) and reduce the time in transit to the minimum. FAO wishes to acknowledge the financial assistance to the production of this animals. several clinically similar diseases occurring in other parts of West Africa is a relatively simple, fast and cheap process. The dead animal body should not be opened. with sores in the mouth, with or without scabs or nodules around the mouth; Provide epidemiological and clinical details with the samples. FIGURE 7: To date, genetic characterization with grossly similar presenting signs, and to differentiate it from rinderpest, In acute form, there is sudden onset of fever with convalescent flocks, even if CCPP is suspected. of breathing problems and diarrhoea, and the presence of lameness (often Consequently, the saiga catastrophes emphasized the failure of PPR eradication strategies in considering wildlife and possible virus spill over from livestock. The exact cause of these is not known Such victims may eventually become dehydrated with sunken eyeballs, and death (Figure 12). It becomes pale and coated with dying with coughing, diarrhoea and deaths. Laboratory for Rinderpest at the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbight Other research activities discussed included full-genome sequencing of West African field strains of the causative virus; the risks of cross-reactivity using (ELISA-based) diagnostics; the possible establishment of an OIE PPR lab network; and PPR vaccine research, including strain attenuation using a conventional vaccine (Nigeria 75/1) and development of new-generation vaccines.
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