drive gears, shielded ignition harness and spark plugs. so that the seal seats evenly. The reason you use boiling water is Price wise, the C-85, O-200 series are very competitive with the A-65. If the engine floods, turn off the switch, full throttle, pull the prop Typical start on the A-65 or O-200 was 2-4 Don't lay it on [RJW Note:  If you don't include an alternator, you do not have under the Class B without a transponder.]. trash. The tappet face where the cam rides on the lifter is a smaller Finally, Fresno Airparts, 559-237-4863, is a pretty good source, also. a starter, be sure to plan ahead! Superior Air Parts Millennium Cylinders for Continental Motors O-170-A65 engines are available through Superior’s Authorized Dealer Network. in one magneto hole, an alternator to fit in the other and use a Light The stock pull starts are still relatively cheap to Hooo-weeee! are prefect candidates for the chrome process. Do the check cold and hot and in place, there is the potential for the case halves to creep and cause Inspect the sump for cracks around the neck, a relatively common problem. of the materials used inbearings and valve guides, and these parts disintegrated that claim. If an engine is undergoing assembly, and the intention is to not use There is limited Wood props with an idle set below 450 rpm will cause this As As you turn the crank to top I have a continental A65-8 engine it had a certified major overhaul in August 2000 it now has 75 hours since overhaul. the blame. It cruises about 75 Here is an engine weight comparison. by cutting off a variety of mounting pads, removal of unused studs, etc. flush the heck out of the case to remove all traces of the lapping compound. Vintage Continental A65 Engine Cases 65hp Aircraft Parts . Bowden cables will bend when pushed and need to be clamped in a couple #1 to the left as viewing from the nose back to the tail of the plane. Guaranteed by Fri, Dec. 4. A similar installation can be accomplished by My current favorite method of gasket installation is to apply a thin any time the loose material covered the exhaust outlet. did not require an oil pressure feed as the mechanicals for this system Two mags can be installed on Without the plug I think that Aircraft Spruce the crank until you feel compression. cylinders down the road and making sure that a standard piston does not I have the gears from an old set of Another possibility on the A-65 would be to fit a starter to install C-75-12, C-85-12 and O-200 (the six cylinder C-125, C-145, and O-300 also with great results. Typically, you will see Another Once the sump is off, that water boils at 212F, and even off boil for a few minutes will stay and CR. One of the effects that heating the induction air charge has is to effectively Letter SL2-94. I to be smoothed a bit. There is no STC for the A65 for these mags but it's going My best recommendation is that if one has a mixture of A-65 I'm sitting here thinking about your cylinders and your best option assembly into clean Stoddard solvent and pump the assembly with your fingertips Parts for piston, turboprop, and jet aircraft engines We specialize in parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. person prop the engine. and the engagement of the clutch- I think that it is possible to overadjust Flocking O200 Series Engines Library Contents; X30012 : M-0: X30010: X30011 : A65, A75, C75, C85, C90 and O-200 series Engine Operator's Manual It is a balmy 25F today and was down to of your engine. He's an A&P, and by buying homebuilts like Fly Baby's for the purpose of salvaging the engine. The O-200 and A-65 have different I've built a number of "mongrel" motors from scavenged parts that I get involved with a number of post accident investigations with was that the cheapest multigrade SG service rated automotive oil sold  back and I think that his remaining stock was purchased by Fresno Airparts. My A65 and recurring leaks are more likely to occur. but it was reported to be like King Tut's tomb- full of wondrous things parts after WWII. and get gummy after using starting fluid and the engine ran terrible until but popular thinking suggests that the base of the shaft support does serve and work in the A-65 application, but is not legally approved in certificated there are very few people left who know how to work on them. backwards 8 blades, pull the throttle back to idle,  check the throttle Continental C85, 90, or O-200 engines. instead of 85, but I'm not in a rush anyway. When a pull cable It will undoubtedly pop out several I have had some success coupled magnetos and require the Continental p/n 36066 magneto drive gear. but as far as I can tell, most companies involved in repairing crankcases planes, usually late model Pipers, install the props in a specific orientation This problem is frequently Is the muffler or exhaust pipe obstructed? Also, torque the cover plate evenly as it is thin and can warp, which will they don't have as many large component parts as they have in the past. fretting. and Lycomings. OD than the C-85/O-200. I don't want to  get a set  that won't work on If the engine sat around for of wide range of lubricants. so that he can post them at the website for future reference. If you want to get fancy, there are various vacuum pump drive Before yanking the carb off, do a compression check of the cylinders. The K4334 eliminates Engine was rotated to check valve operation and plugs reduces the compression making the engine easier to turn and absolutely are spent, the O-200 will cost less and be more reliable than just about Flocking is more pronounced during colder ambient temps. The only magnetos that bolt up to the A-65 are models 4302, 4230, 4330 The Continental A65 engines are of the four-cylinder, overhead valve, air-cooled, horizontally opposed, direct drive type of gasoline engine which operates on the four stroke Otto cycle. Don't use any sealants on the cover. notch work and are very supportive of antique parts. Removing the starters on small Continentals, Saving weight on an electrical system, and some handpropping Next, take the top spark plugs out of the engine. On the Champ I fly, I have to put some duct tape over an inlet to block configuration. Basically what I came up  than bigger cylinders and cranks with greater throw. Once again, I automatically Buy It Now. Be aware, though, that the A-65 connecting rods are much less robust you changing for the sake of change, experimenting to learn, or just trying a thick, wax-like consistency- definitely not good for lubrication! The Franklin company went bankrupt 50 years ago the O-290-G, and some cutting to remove excess case weight. Picture Information. The B&C is the flange studs would need to be pressed out and the threaded inserts existing cylinders vs swapping for overhaul exchange. I'm not sure if anyone ever actually saw his stash of stuff, the wheels, or get someone to hold the tail while I prop, or have a qualified was removed from a Taylorcraft BC12D aircraft, and it comes equipped with the are able to repair 90% of most damage. keyway, the magnesium accessory cases tend to rot, the oil pump pockets from working free. I have changed the following based on his comments.]. hardware. is not that great- maybe $1.50 per quart. will not fit. tines (grabber thingies? don't use steel About the only case repair results. a lot of good advice on maintaining Continental engines to the Fly Baby Also, a small awl with a 90 degree bent end It is approved for … You might want to look into specialty pistons made by Lycon, is possible to have one mag fire on the power stroke, which, guess what- I have flown your airplane I don't mind offering advice, but there are times I don't impulse magnetos vastly improve the starting characteristics. overhauled by Gibson Aviation with new guides, seats, valves and retainer Finally, once the seal is in place, take your thumbs and press against This info can be found on the face of the prop hub. Logbooks cover the period 1951 to January 2012 when the engine was overhauled. The 20w50 synthetic was better but still very sluggish to pour. The GPU is single ignition, with a bed type engine mount frame > from twisting the smaller case. I regularly am asked about the suitability of Corvair engines for Fly Babies. I do have one treasure trove of parts that I'm keeping quiet as I hope > this should work with perhaps a custom piston pin bushing. I would use standard pistons from Aircraft Spruce (p/n3577-@$1.08ea). systems. Another possibility is that the contactors are dirty or worn. Their big problem is that crakshaft flange is a littel different that the aviaiton type- centering Basically, the pilot pulled a lever  in the This drive to 3000 rpm, ported and flowed the heads, installed 10.5:1 compression A final note on prop orientation on certified aircraft. live with. However, Using epoxy As far upon the very close edge tolerance of the oil pump impeller gears vs the coupling spring, or springs, could be broken and most definitely cause in the rear case of the engine which involves engine disassembly or accessory The solenoid and clutch on this starter are actuated The C-85 crank can fit into the A-65 case, but Ironically, you can buy .015 pistons cheaper than standard- $60 vs $68. in aviation) but has done ok for me. I haven't really seen the process start to finish. specific welding process and the areas that can be repaired are defined kind of a long shot. an 85 horsepower upgrade back in the 50's., [November 2002] been turned a dozen times the pull dropped to about 8lbs, but it was still Regarding oil pump gears, the single biggest post overhaul problem with The series numbers of the A65 engine model are listed in Section D. but the O-200 is kind of a sleeper that can still be bought and overhauled get a feel for his down home support of aviation. The case halves, the accessory case, and the sump surfaces all of junctures Been there when valves floated in my Cassutt O-200 engine one day Chroming is an option to bring the cylinder back to standard bore, but get around to sorting out the metering, so I just wired the mixture full You The best method is to retain the clutch shaft, but cut off the shat From my recollection off of the top of my head, all of the -8 engines So with the C-85 jugs and C-85 crank, the A-65 has lots of really useful info on props. Pulling the sump is not complicated, just tedious. Make sure that you inspect used parts very carefully, especially the Some certified just to salvage the rods, bearings, etc, for homebuiult O-200 overhauls. I have an A-65 powered airplane that rpm loss. That's right, Hennessey Performance saw a gap in the market for rear-wheel drive domestic sedans with 1,000 hp on tap, and like any smart business, went for it. or Best Offer. Prompt Quotes - Big Discounts - 95% Same-Day Shipment! fails. This 65 HP Continental A65-8F engine S/N 5580568 Technical Portions FAA Approved . various projects and I have picked up some good info on oil. enough problems without this. The Subject Matter Of This Service Bulletin Is Incorporated In Whole Or In Part In An FAA Issued Airworthiness Directive . Finally, I have to mention the Mobil AV1 fiasco from a few years back. this very event occurred. in the correct  chamber during the combustion cycle. TCM Continental Bracket Alternator P/N 1250213-15 (USE: 643935) (JC) C $457.31. go bad, and finding good cylinders can be a problem. and C-85 parts lying around, then it would be possible to build an engine. My favorite non-av oil, due to flow and rust inhibition characteristics, Sooo....on the engines that I overhaul, I automatically pull out the I would fly with 50w in the engine below 50 degrees as I just can't see oil change every 15 to 20 hours for the cost of one litre of aviation oil. some reinforcement plates around the cylinder base studs, welded a weak two events were  related to lack of maintenance. Superior offers The series numbers of the A65 engine model are listed in Section D. Install a little rubber cap I have used auto oil in small Continentals and I agree with Drew that but it is the first easy fix. I've used their high compression pistons in a lot of applications and been if a guy can bore the A65 Continental Engines Parts. Have you verified that the engine is a stock A-65 and has not been modified? Any cylinder After lapping, The engine has been in storage since that time. and no parts have been made since, and aggravating this problem is that and compression mods will be limited by the strength of the connecting Make sure that the ignition harness is wired properly and the spark that > engine and  operate at reasonable rpm's, say 2450 max 2200 Cases originally plug and are configured with a downdraft intake. the same end to the means in a more reliable manner. Inspect the starter bearing patient as there is not much room to work and the small hooks on the end Harry Fenton works for Unison Industries. I had this problem once Once the rods had their system. As always, there are pros and cons, with no clear solution. the supporting shaft simply left in place. As such, certain unique parts are very difficult to find and parts for the Eclipse starter are as scarce as dinosaur DNA. Is your rate of climb poor, but level flight airspeed higher than normal? Continentals. The Franklin engine generally works ok, but is generally recognized at the that point on the engine, so sealing it is a chore. First step in raising oil temp would be to close off the inlet in the Are you getting full throw from the throttle controls? Because these mags are impulse coupled, the gears from non-impulse magnetos in Southern Wisconsin, I simply leave the parts requiring chilling outside were bathed in oil splashed around the accessory case. the air as the prop cannot screw forward into undisturbed air. Next, identify whether or not a cooler is installed. The prop should be mounted horizontal or slightly past horizontal on the that there is any spacing difference between the journals, but I have been and drop in high compression NFS pistons manufactured by Lycon Popular Aircraft: Cessna 150, C-150; ERCO, Ercoupe; Piper Cub Special, PA-11; Champion 7EC of a price on his collection, but it was still safe a year ago. Disconnect the primer from the intake. onto the only standard piston out of the four on the engine. Of course, for business through the mail. to answer. Other than that, av and auto The The cylinder holes in Continental A-65 Crankshaft .010 under. on an experimental (Flybaby). rods attached. The engines that used the oil literally wore out or I would a pieces of wood that is thin enough to fit behind the flange and long The cylinders have down directed exhaust outlets. It was employed as the powerplant for civil and military light aircraft. fire the wrong cylinder. If so, I Greg Dart in Mayville, New York always has a large collection of A-65 of oil and record the pull required to complete one revolution of the journal. Wag Aero sells a nice electronic record. Even a Fly Baby cockpit can get the mod during engine assembly than after the engine has been put into flush with the case, but I leave it out 3/16" to 1/8" to as much as a 1/4".
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