If you are more interested in having full control over your cup of coffee with manual temperature controls, then you shouldn’t buy Vivaldi II Mini. A semi-automatic mini espresso coffee machine is fully automatic except its extraction pump. With a 1.3L brewing capacity, your machine won’t meet the higher coffee consumption of your family. One downside of these mini espresso machines is that they don’t come with an inbuilt grinder due to their reduced size. Small to Medium Restaurant The S1 Vivaldi II is the espresso machine of choice for many small to medium restaurants. Simply decide on the amount you like and program it for that amount. La Spaziale Vivaldi II Mini: La Marzocco Linea Mini: Breville Nespresso Essenza Mini: Taste: Very well balanced taste featuring volumetric dosage, automatic pressure, and temperature controls. Please be sure to follow your state's sales and use tax laws. We at La Spaziale draw on 65 years of experience to bring quality espresso machines to the market. For home equipment. La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II . Balanced taste with a temperature gauge that you can control manually (for experienced coffee makers). Apart from that, this machine also comes with a very high-quality hearing system that remains stable, and it can preheat the coil consistently. It also features volumetric shot dosing, as well as an optional shot timer and pre-infusion chamber. Rinse this basket and turn the machine on again for 10 seconds about five to seven times. Contact us prior to ordering. Longer La Spaziale steam arm. Pre-infusion chamber, vibratory pump, preset temperatures, volumetric dosage. Do You Need a Single Boiler, Double Boiler or Heat Exchanger Espresso Machine? Who should buy the La Spzaiale Vivaldi II Mini? Does the Espresso Machine Have to Be Portable? The temperature control on this machine is very accurate relative to the temperature you set on it with a difference of 1C to 2C. But cleaning on the inside is a bit more complicated in the case of Vivaldi II Mini because you need to do plenty of disassembling and reassembling. 4/5 Commercial-grade materials used in the construction. i bought this machine today and its my second one i love it.. Posted by Jeffrey A. Smith on 28th Oct 2015. Being a woodworker, I may tackle making wooden ends for it at some point. Presenting the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi espresso and cappuccino machine. The Vivaldi II Mini features automatic PID temperature control. However, the Essenza Mini is not equipped with such a wand, so frothing is not an option here. This machine has commercial-grade construction, and it is built to take a toll. It is where the Linea Mini comes in. The steam wand is made of steel, and it also comes with swiveling for easy direction. La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Features Programmable dosage Electric heating Electronic thermoregulation of the group temperature for delivery Electronic thermoregulation of the boiler temperature for the production of hot water and steam Built … Just take 6 grams of detergent for one-liter water. Due to its small size, a mini espresso machine is not made for hosting coffee parties. There is an LED display that indicates everything associated with the current status of the machine, and it just makes your life a lot easier. And using a damp cloth, you can easily whip it down for cleaning. ETL Sanitation Listed (Conforms to ANSI/NSF STD 4), Dual boiler (0.45 liter coffee boiler \ 1.2 liter steam boiler \ 1.65 liter total), The NEW Vivaldi II displays in 1 degree increments, from 91 to 97 degrees Celsius. SAVE $200.00 (6%) Stock available: 11 December 2020. However, the real coffee aficionados want to prepare a cup with some intricate details. If you believe in set-it-and-forget-it style, then nothing is better than Vivaldi II Mini. Who shouldn’t buy the La Spzaiale Vivaldi II Mini? Wishlist. With these features, you conveniently change the taste of your shots and their intensity according to your wish. While “La Spaziale” may not be a household name to you, but they have a long-standing reputation with espresso enthusiasts for producing great performing, high quality espresso machines. Approximate Time Owned Now it’s all good if you don’t know how to get into the technical details behind your coffee cup. It is not the choice of true baristas who want to tell a tale about each of their cups. The Mini version features a vibration pump and large 3 liter water tank that is accessible from the front for easy refilling; while the standard Vivaldi II removes the reservoir and adds a rotary pump with exclusive plumbed operation. Therefore, you need to buy a good quality grinder to back your mini espresso machine. The Dream has a 2.5 liter boiler vs the Dream T that has a 1.2 liter boiler.The difference between the Vivaldi II and the Mini Vivaldi II are as follows:> The Vivaldi II is direct connect only. Vivaldi II Mini provides you with a convenience of automated temperature and pressure controls if you don’t want to make your coffee making process too complicated. The Mini Vivaldi II is water tank only.> The Vivaldi II has a rotary pump that allows it to be connected to a water line connection. Aesthetics Rating La Spaziale 1-cup Filter Basket/Cup – La Spaziale Vivaldi $ 11.95. But if you want full control over your cup, then Linea Mini should be your choice. Boy, was I right about that! And then there are times when you just need a good cup of coffee to get you going in the day. But La Marzocco has been zeroing in on this market after the tremendous success of their GS3 machine, and their Linea Mini is … Brew and steam at the same time with the two boiler system on the S1 Mini Vivaldi II. Via Eleonora Duse, 8 40033 Casalecchio di Reno Bologna, Italy P.Iva IT 01518421209 info@laspaziale.com $1,895.00 189500. La Spaziale has packed a lot of innovation into both versions of the Vivaldi II. A thermostat regulates how much is added and keeps the temperature stable. How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino with a La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II, Double Shot of Espresso on a La Spaziale Vivaldi II. Matching the excellent temperature control of its big brother Vivaldi II, this twin-boiler espresso machine is perfect for those who dont want to have plumbing option in their espresso machine. The brew boiler is .45 liters. Easy to clean and maintain, has been problem free for years. The LaSpaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II is non-plumb in version of the Vivaldi II that differs in the following ways: Three liter water tank with low water sensor Steam boiler is 1/2 the size of the one in the V2 but with the same size heater element for rapid steaming Double Boiler Espresso Machine . Clean the components manually by taking them out of the machine. The Vivaldi II Spaziale espresso machine one of our top selling Home Espresso Machines. If you love variety in your cups but don’t want to get into the details of it, then there is nothing better you can find on the market. Pre Infusion Chamber. I bought this machine as a first time "serious" coffee machine. The espresso machines that come with grinders are very facilitating. In terms of user-friendliness, this machine is far better than the Linea Mini due to its automated pressure and temperature controls along with volumetric dosage features. Most machines do feature grinders, but minis don’t have them due to their reduced footprint. Package Deals & Free Gifts, Contact Us or use best price email form for a Custom Package, Bottomless Portafilter with Precision Basket: La Spaziale (Optional), La Spaziale Mahogany Wooden Side Panels (Optional), La Spaziale Walnut Wooden Side Panels (Optional), La Spaziale Sapele Wooden Side Panels (Optional), La Spaziale Cherry Wooden Side Panels (Optional), Precision Insert Baskets - Triple (21 grams) Spaziale (Optional), Seven Day Programmable Timer for Vivaldi II (Optional), La Spaziale Pre-Infusion Chamber (Optional), Precision Group Shower Screen - La Spaziale (Optional). Easily accessible knob, lever, buttons, as well as a steam wand. Only a couple of buttons that are very easily accessible. The stainless steel body encased in plastic makes the machine more durable. While the 53mm basket is supposedly more forgiving, the uncommon size eliminates numerous accessories that are available in the 58mm market. Thanks again guys! The Mini Vivaldi II from La Spaziale is a dual boiler, reservoir only, vibratory pump machine with a saturated group head design. Angled, swiveling stainless steel steam wand. Decide How Much Money You Want To Spend On Both Espresso Machine and Grinder, Other Espresso Machine Features To Consider, Shot Timers, Aesthetics, and Other Factors, Estimate the Number of Drinks Per Day and More Importantly Per Hour. But due to a lot of steel involvement, this machine is heavier than Vivaldi II Mini. La Spaziale brought their first compact commercial dual boiler to market in 2003, and recently their Vivaldi line has culminated in the LUCCA A53 and Dream. WELCOME. The Linea Mini comes with a capacity of 2.5L, which is equivalent to 84.5 fluid ounces or more than 10 cups. The Mini Vivaldi II from La Spaziale is an industrious dual boiler machine, boasting several innovative features and commercial certifications, including NSF. Linea Mini is very close to producing the taste that matches the one produced by Vivaldi II Mini. More aromatic and sweet taste with less bitterness. Posted by Christian Diaz on 12th Dec 2019. The S1 Mini Vivaldi II by La Spaziale is crafted with a durable exterior shell made with a combination of plexi and high sheen stainless steel.This steel finishes are durable and resistant to staining and rusting, helping the Mini Vivaldi to be a longstanding addition to any home or office. Owned for 3 years. Whether to go with a semi-automatic mini espresso machine or not! Rating Overall Now, rinse the basket properly and pour hot water into it. Although it’s time-consuming but worth a customized shot. La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine VIVALDI-II. It is a lot more underwhelming than the other two, but if you are the only coffee drinker in your home and you don’t consume much either, then it will suffice. You can use different preset settings to get the same taste every time. I also thought a taller machine would represent a challenge to my counter space. All specifications are subject to change without notice. I've made some seriously good coffee with this machine and my Mazzer Mini E grinder. Essenza Mini’s brewing capacity is humbler than both, which is just over half a liter. Automatic temperature and pressure adjustment are there. This machine puts you in control. Your Vivaldi II Mini espresso machine is clean and ready to make a cup for you. The next step is to fill the machine’s blind basket with 3 grams of detergent and fit it back into your machine. Espresso Outlet, LLCWe are Located in Michigan, USA, Wire Transfers Only. EK5 Heating Element Post Gasket $ 3.95. You might not find this feature very important up against a great tasting coffee. 15 Amp mode. These automatic espresso machines come with an inbuilt grinder and automatic boiler. Well, in 2008 we decided there were a couple of things we could do to improve it even more. I evaluated many machines, but ultimately picked this one because it's a serious machine with dual boilers, yet will operate efficiently on 15 amps. The Vivaldi II Mini allows you to keep the foam at a medium level allowing you to control it in a better way. $2,695.00 $2,095.00 LaSpaziale Espresso Machine S1-DREAM-T … Still, it sure will make you famous among your friends and colleagues when you present them with a cup featuring latte art. The steam valve is a commercial grade component that is built for long term, reliable performance. However, we noticed that the cup produced by Essenza Mini was a lot more on the sweeter side with beautiful aromatic accents. It shows when you brew, at first i thought it was due to my inexperience with 53mm, I went from 2-3 on my K30 WBC to around 7 (both my Izzo Duetto and Quickmill was around 2-3 on the grinder for the "perfect shot"). Does not come with printed manual. 7 Day Programmable Timer. Buying Guide for Commercial Espresso Machines, La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machines. It’s very easy to operate, clean and work. No manual control over temperature for that “true barista” control. La Spaziale S 1 Mini-Vivaldi II 1 Group AV\Auto-Volumetric, c ETL us Listed (Conforms to UL STD 197 Certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 NO. Get delicious espresso that's the same every time at the push of a button on this plumbed in home espresso machine. You just feed the machine with coffee beans, and it will make a classic cup in no time. Unique cutting edge technology paired with Italian handmade beauty, La Spaziale's unrivalled range of espresso machines cover all requirements and budgets. See terms and conditions for additional details. Mini Vivaldi II Customer Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. Value for the Price It is very similar to the S1 Vivaldi II, another very popular home machine, but has a few distinguishing features including a water reservoir versus a direct water line connection. SAVE $800.00 SAVE $800.00. Its overall footprint is a bit bigger than Vivaldi’s. This espresso machine has a vibratory pump that is engineered to provide great performance while producing as little noise as possible. It is fully capable of producing very high quality espresso and espresso based drinks. Furthermore, it is effortless to clean and maintain, and it won’t take much space either. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. La Spaziale. La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi ii. La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi S1-II Black by La Space: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. So, we gave a try to all three of these mini espresso machines and assessed the cups they produced for any deviations in taste. La Spaziale Vivaldi II Mini Espresso Machine Review for 2020. Providing your kitchen with a classic cafe look, it’s equally great for a novice and barista. coffee-works.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Soak the portafilter along with the basket into this solution for about half an hour. And besides espresso, it can also make lungo beverages. Joe and the Expresso Outlet team have been extremely helpful and professional. Being a small company we don't have nexus in many states. It’s a great mini espresso machine for the home users because they won’t need any allocated plumbing. H . Therefore, you must use ground beans or have a good quality grinder. I ordered mine with the red ends, which are slightly pinkish and not as "red" as I'd hoped, but I think it looks sharp. La Spaziale heeft 65 jaar ervaring in de markt voor hoogwaardige koffiemachines. We thought the Mini Vivaldi II La Spaziale espresso machine was perfect like it was. It is a good option to bring out your creative side for latte art. The features on the Mini Vivaldi II are just as advanced as the ones that come with the Vivaldi II. Allow the machine’s steam wand to soak the hot water for approximately five minutes. 7 years But even after the adjustment procedures, sometimes it drips while other times it doesn’t. Therefore, it won’t require as many refills in a day, and it can cater to more people. Vivaldi II Mini gives your counter with a classic cafe look. Cleaning Linea Mini also requires the same steps, whether you use detergent or not. La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi The time taken to pull an espresso shot is one of four key elements, and should be around 19-22 seconds. Who Should Buy The La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II? Available Options Warranty: La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II [Colour: Black] quantity field. It has that traditional look with some contemporary hints. I also ordered an optional pre-infusion chamber for it, which wets the coffee before the pump starts... supposedly causing the coffee to begin to release flavor sooner. And we are here to find out how much of this claim is true! You will also find an automatic control for pressure, but the temperature control is manual. (The previous display showed 5 degree, Volumetric Dosing Adjustable Through Touch Pad, 1250 Watt steam boiler \ 800 Watt group boiler. To protect the other components in the machine and for additional heat stability, both boilers are covered with a special insulation material. On the contrary, Linea Mini features commercial-grade stainless steel. When you compare it with the Linea Mini, it will surely fall below your expectations. Stainless steel body featuring some minor plastic accents. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines » La Spaziale Vivaldi II Mini Espresso Machine Review for 2020. A standard steam knob replaces the lever on the Mini. Replacement La Spaziale Parts for La Spaziale equipment. As soon as additional water is needed, it is automatically added to the boiler. Plastic will wear out a lot quicker than metal but not before serving you for a long time. ... Purchase a Mazzer Mini Doser Grinder through the package below and and get a FREE 1 lb bag of our 1st-Cup roasted beans. The automatic pressure and temperature controls are there along with the volumetric dosage that you can use via its touchpad. Backorder. In comparison, the Essenza Mini has its entire focus on compactness and practicality. We added Programmable + or - 8-degree Offset Differential and added an option to have a Pre Infusion Chamber installed on the group. It also comes with a water level indicator. Love this machine. If you don’t want to get into any details associated with coffee making, then it’s better to go with the fully automatic ones. Does not include commercial espresso machines or brewers. Cleaning the inside of the Linea Mini is less problematic. After receiving many requests for a non-plumbed version, our wholesaler connected with the manufacturer to design this impressive, compact, La Spaziale at … About "Where to Buy" Product Details: Overall Rating: 9.3, Based on 17 Reviews: Avg Price: $2,000.00: Manufacturer: La Spaziale: Machine Type: Prosumer grade dual boiler espresso machine: Colors: Black / Steel: There is no experience required here. The tip of the steam wand has four 0.9 mm holes that provide outstanding steam for making superb microfoam. I've seen this machine offered with wooden ends which are WAY expensive, but look fantastic. The Vivaldi II Mini boasts PID temperature control with a volumetric dosage. 5/5 Usability Rating When it comes to backflushing your Vivaldi II Mini, there are not many complications involved. Espresso beverages shouldn’t be too bitter or too sweet. 4.2 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #2,193,153 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #56 in Manual Espresso Machines: Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available October 28, 2012 Warranty & Support Steam Valve Shaft – La Spaziale Vivaldi $ 0.49. The steaming/hot water boiler has a capacity of 1.2 liters, which will allow for plenty of steaming and hot water production. Great and affordable upgrade from a single boiler. The steam wand is first rate and does a really great job at Latte foam (looks like paint) or Cappucino foam (looks like whipped cream on top). The machine has single and double shot control buttons that can be programmed to provide consistent sized shots every time they are pressed. However, you will still need to refill based on your coffee consumption. Just set the digital temperature and forget about it. Video by our supply partner Chris's Coffee. La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi II Zwart is een semi-professionele halfautomatische espressomachine geschikt om de authentieke Italiaanse espresso, koffie, cappucino, latte macchiato of andere warme dranken te bereiden. Whereas, in a fully automated machine, the volumetric dosage is not possible. Within five seconds of pulling the double shot knob, its group boiler turns on for 40 seconds. Reliability Rating One of the portafilters is a single shot, the other is a double shot. But if you want to have complete control over your cup with manual temperature controls, then this machine is not for you. Colour. This set-it-and-forget-it approach of Vivaldi II Mini makes it one of the popular choices on the market. To answer this, we should emphasize on the overall quality, durability, and user-friendliness of this mini espresso machine. Do You Want a Water Tank, Direct Connect or Switchable Espresso Machine? Stainless steel body with plastic casings. How Easy Is It to Find Repair Technicians For The Commercial Machine Brand? It means that it is a lot lighter than Linea Mini and Vivaldi II Mini; thus, it is a lot easier to move. No Burn Steam Arm. You can Steam and pull your coffee concurrently. The steam wand, the knobs, a hint of the modern era with the LED display, and of course, that vintage drip tray. prosumer / pro espresso.. la spaziale mini vivaldi ii: Where to Buy: No Business Listed: List your business site here. Posted by Roy Ramirez on 12th Dec 2019 Approximate Time Owned 7 years Rating Overall 4/5 Reliability Rating 5/5 Value for the Price 5/5 Usability Rating 4/5 Aesthetics Rating 4/5 Detailed Review Great and affordable upgrade from a single boiler. Just use the controls to get a great-tasting cup at will. Home users who don’t have the plumbing connections needed for the S1 Vivaldi II, will love the water reservoir on the S1 Mini Vivaldi II. Very well balanced taste featuring volumetric dosage, automatic pressure, and temperature controls. Vivaldi II Mini is the right option for you, whether you have any experience in coffee making or not. Heats up quickly and steam power is excellent. Moving forward, a semi-automatic espresso is worth buying when you’re addicted to a customized grind. It might not add to the overall looks and aesthetics, but it sure does make the machine durable. The machine is shipped with black side panels. The steam wand with a swiveling feature made of steel is also there in Linea Mini, and frothing is so good with this machine too. Once you have the grind, dose and tamp correct, you can use the shot clock to time the pull perfectly. Is a great machine for consistent espressos and very creamy. More aromatic and sweet taste with less bitterness. The Vivaldi II Mini comes with a 1.3L steam boiler, and it equates to approximately equal to 44 fluid ounces or more than 5 cups. Double boiler espresso machine (29 pages) Coffee Maker La Spaziale S1Dream-T Owner's Manual (22 pages) Coffee Maker La Spaziale S1 VIVALDI LUCCA Manual For Use And Maintenance (35 pages) A simple installation will be required once they arrive. It provides you with performance and durability. Once programmed, you’ll get your desired amount each time you make espresso. And according to La Spaziale, it is quite normal. The spots in the portafilter of this machine make sure the flow remains consistent across different cups. Another benefit of a dual boiler system is better temperature control, which is a critical element in making perfect espresso drinks. Just choose the cup size that you want to have for your espresso, take it in, and hit your schedule. Manually adjustable temperature and pressure, consistent heat flow, pre-infusion chamber. In the case of the Essenza Mini, just enter a separate cleaning mode of this machine by pressing both the buttons present on the top of it. So far, I'm very happy with this machine! The function works properly in the original version of the machine (Vivaldi II). Elektronisch met automatische dosisi La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II Share: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; $2,899.00. *Wood side panels are an optional add on at an additional cost. An angled steam wand that can swivel is the best choice because it has more joints. The complications in the taste don’t matter much, and you just need a cup to wake you up.
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