For a long time sericulture was considered to be a national secret by the Chinese and its industrial technique was not known in other countries. Typically, 300-500 eggs are obtained from one female silk moth. In 1769, the East India Company introduced a new improved method of silk reeling in Bengal. Since its inception Channapatana silk farm is working on Silk seed breeding and breeding experiments. Lefroy describes that, “Silk was produced in India before Christian era. The recently introduced drum-kit technology for mulberry cultivation is expected to revive the sericulture sector in the district. Bangalore Silks and Mysore Silks also came to the forefront. India is the only country that is home to four different silk varieties: Mulberry silk (Bombyx mori), Eri silk (Philosomia ricini), wild Tussar silk (Antheraea mylitta) and the exclusive wild golden Muga silk (Antheraea assama). He made available 12 varieties of pure European and Chinese silkworm to conduct experiments in Mysore State (now Karnataka). This culture was similar to the pre-historic culture of Africa. 12. In 1860, the first filature was established in Bangalore by an Italian industrialist. Lutchman Rao for the period of one year in this farm. Sericulture introduced in TamilNadu from the border area of Karnataka during early 1960. The depression and unfair British and European competition from outside hit the industry very hard. INFORMATION ON SERICULTURE DEPARTMENT Sericulture is an agro based cottage industry best suited to big, small and marginal farmers. He hired the services of Signor Washington Mari from Italy to organize and develop the silk industry in Mysore in 1913. Now TamilNadu Stands number one … If the Christian authors of the 4th and the following centuries derived their knowledge of silk worm from Indian worm, it is possible that India was the principal source from which the migration of silkworm commenced during the early centuries of the Christian era.”. Lord Krishna was described as always clad in Kashi Pitambara (silk of Banaras, West Bengal).There are sporadic references to Kashmir silk and Bengal silk. India is the 2 nd largest producer of silk in the world after China and Karnataka is the largest producer of silk in India. Various documents indicate that the silk was originated in China during 2800 BC. The success of mulberry leaf production depends on three factors namely, variety, cultivation practices (agronomical inputs) and plant protection methods. Bombay: Sericulture was introduced in 1823 and died in 1843. In 1941, Sri Ramnath of Mysore was employed by Govt. So, the New Central Government Scheme is here. In 1710, the East India Company introduced a new variety of mulberry silkworm in Bengal. Sericulture in India ... (Karnataka produces 70% of countries raw silk). North-eastern part of India is the only region in the world where all four varieties of silk are produced. In the District, extension wing is headed by The Deputy Director of Sericulture, Zilla Panchayath, Chikkaballapur and is assisted by 5 Assistant Directors at Taluk level. Here we provide all Karnataka govt jobs 2019-20 notification. We begin our foray into the history of silk with the East India Company. In 1772, the first filature was established in Murshidabad of West Bengal by the British. When the states were reorganized on linguistic basis in 1956, Sericulture was practiced in limited pockets of Hosur and Talavady regions in the State. In sericulture activities all the house hold family members including Women/Child and aged people can participate. Karnataka thus boasts of some stupendous and high quality silks in it’s traditions. Mulberry sericulture is mainly practiced in five states namely, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir, which jointly account for about 96% of the total mulberry silk production in the country. We are into this Field from 2013 and We decided to start one dedicated website for Kannadigas. Sericulture, the production of raw silk by means of raising caterpillars (larvae), particularly those of the domesticated silkworm (Bombyx mori).
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