In a year's time The Chronicle reviews well over 200 restaurants, and that's only a fraction of the places we get around to visiting. The service was surly. The look and feel of the place is unique in Palm Springs, and I mean that in a positive way.I've eaten there at lunch and dinner, and both times the service was spot on. I felt like I was at a chic (does anybody use that term anymore) LA club. Vermont, cow, semi-soft, slight cheddar bite with spicy harissa. It had about 5 pieces of pasta tons of garbanzo beans, and about the equivalent of 3 whole red and yellow peppers chopped up. But I love that you can also enjoy it chilled. Not terrible by any means, but not exactly a revelation, either. Vichyssoise, as its name suggests, has French roots, but is an American invention. What more could one ask for? Smooth, creamy and buttery, with a robust fresh finish with a hint of sea salt, succulent pearls and a delicate nutty taste. Although the old Chasen's, I think, used to have it … The portions were very generous so the flourless chocolate cake was packed to go for me. 4 potatoes, peeled and sliced or chopped 2 celery stalks, thinly sliced. This is a simple take on a classic cold soup that is as delicious to eat as it is to say: Vishi-swazz! The wait was only 5 minutes on a Sunday morning, which was perfect. Amanda's Woolsey: By far the best Pho in town and they have an appetizer size perfect for sharing. Fine jet black pearls with a hint of creamy and smokey flavor are a charming combination that provide an impressive indulgence. I accidentally made the reservation for Friday on OpenTable instead of Saturday. Sushi quality tuna hand diced and dressed with Asian spices, soy wasabi dashi, tobiko, wonton crisps. I ordered the Vichyssoise Soup, Linguine with Shrimp… Vichyssoise - Menu - Lulu California Bistro - … Yukon Gold Potato Blinis (six) $6.90 The classic parings for caviar are fine quality iced Champagnes and icy-cold vodkas. One tiny little complaint might be it was a little too warm sitting by the windows; next time we'll try asking for a cooler spot. I was gonna push it asking for a 7:30 PM reservation especially trying to wrangle eight people. me and my … The mashed potatoes which were crispy on the outside from sitting under the heat lamp. Malossol means little salt. This is a huge reason why I wrote a review. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, for the 20-somethings, Lulu's menu offered some hilariously out-of-place healthy options: gluten-free pasta, quinoa-stuffed acorn squash and lettuce wraps. (something, I would later surmise, the kitchen would not be happy they were telling people). (two olives on a toothpick on a little plate would have been fine). I was just appointed that it wasn't the ice bucket in order to keep the champagne chilled, however, well it is appointment didn't stop there. Each caviar varies in some way: size, color, style, country of origin; and of course, taste. It was the worse thing I ever tasted. Served with traditional accompaniments and toasted brioche. I'll absolutely be back as often as possible. I travel to PS often and will never be going back. We were seated in the thick of it all. But any other cold soup suggestions would be appreciated. (By this time it is now 9:15). Yesterday morning I felt like trying new recipes and began to cook different things at the same time. Calling all carnivores! Vichyssoise was in fact ``invented'' by Louis Diat (although it is a fairly standard, and not very tasty, variant of potato-leek soup), and is properly a New York dish, not a Los Angeles one. It was a disaster.Somehow at 7:30 on a Saturday night they also ran out of bread completely.Well as the service was sure shit 3 people at the table 1 person left the restaurant and the birthday girl was left with her cotton candy one of their specialties brought to the table with 3 of the original 8 of us there. I ordered the Vichyssoise Soup, Linguine with Shrimp followed by the Lulu's Signature Triple Chocolate Cake. Another guest had Farfalle  Primavera. potato and leek soup served deliciously cold. So despite the crushing summer heat, we were happy when our hostess seated us on the patio instead, where the vibe was a bit more laid-back. There are good restaurants in Palm Springs but LuLu's isn't one of them, skip this place and try out any other place on the main strip.
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